Portrait Photography

Timeless and classic portraits have always been a favourite of mine. A simple composition and light source focuses the attention on the person in front of the lens.
For my own photography, I like to keep it simple and easy going. Even when shooting in a studio, I keep the lighting simple by using one main light and occasionally a fill or back light. For outdoor portraits, I use reflected light from walls or surfaces or dappled light from foliage to cast a pleasing light onto the person.
A good portrait is about the person in front of the lens, the mood, the moment, the look. It`s not about the flashiest camera or the latest gadget, although a good lens is always a good thing. Portraits are unpredictable and that`s what makes them interesting. They are moments in time, frozen and captured forever.
My influences have been the greats from Peter Lindbergh, Richard Avalon to Annie Leibovitz and Ellen Von Unworth to more recent but no less talented photographers such as Emily Soto, Lara Jade and Ruslan Lobanov. The styles of photography which inspire me are vast and varied. I admire the soft, romantic and painterly to the bright and harsh of high fashion