Nicole in Old Onslow.

Who would have thought that in the middle of nowhere, I would manage to find such a gem? Nicole lives in Onslow on the West Australian coast and I was fortunate enough to shoot her on my free day. We drove to the original Onslow which had only the remains of the police station and gaol. We wandered around the ruins and used the afternoon light to create a series of photos. We used the shadows of a palm tree on the west side to create patterns across Nicole`s face and highlight her beautiful eyes. 

We shot the whole series using only the police station. I had wandered through the gaol earlier and had an eerie feeling as I gazed at the eye bolt set in the centre of the cell. Looking at the grated opening set at ground level, I could only imagine how harsh and unforgiving the conditions must have been in those days. As we were shooting, Nicole`s two sisters, Tarryn and Nikeeta had the beat box playing softly. Over the music, Nikeeta was singing in the most beautiful voice and it just had this surreal effect on the whole experience. 

So out of hardship and with the help of ghosts from the past, I was blessed to have been a part of something mysterious and beautiful.