Water sprites three....

These three girls are just poetry in motion. Grace, Claire and Noni were my models for the day and we used Grace`s swimming pool for a bit of underwater fun. We let the dappled light from the sun do it`s thing and had the girls swim around and create a bit of magic. We had a few flowers thrown in the pool and they created a great effect.

I researched a lot on different underwater housings and eventually decided on Aquatech for my Sony A7RII camera. Thanks go to Camera Electronic in Perth city for helping out with the glitch I had. Everything worked out great and I think we had a lot of fun in the process.

The hardest part of the shoot was me trying to stay underwater! I thought with my tummy I`d sink like a stone….

My next mission is to get my diving ticket so I can stay down longer.

Underwater_175 bnw.jpg